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Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin until 2017 when we decided to finally make the move to Colorado. You see, it was an easy decision for us to move to Colorado, the question was when. For many years we would vacation in Colorado and often times more than once a year. We would drive or fly with our mountain bikes and hit the trails. One week, or even two weeks is not long enough for all the trails, family and friends in Colorado. So we sold our house, packed our things and took Kitty Bentley on a jet plane to Colorado.

Now that we are here, summer seems to last 9 months and winter feels like early Spring in Wisconsin. The low humidity and abundant of sunshine really make a huge difference in the way it feels outside. When it rains, the ground sucks up the water within a few hours and the trails are good to go. Oh yeah, and if I want to extend winter, I drive west to the mountains to gain some elevation, cooler temperatures and snow. I love living in Colorado.

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My wife and I really like riding our bikes. In fact, back in Wisconsin we use to race mountain bikes in WORS for a local coffee shop Alterra Coffee.

We did this for over ten years and gained a bunch of friends, mountain bike racing experience (How to suffer and not crash. Too much) and fitness. All those years of training and racing on ski hills. Climb to the top of the hill just to race down. And now do it all over again. At the time I did not realize that those years of racing were preparing me for the experiences here in the Colorado mountains. Plenty of areas to climb around here. I love to climb, so you will not see me getting carted up to the top of the mountain in a car with my bike. I'll meet you at the top!